“McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., is our choice for legal representation. Not only are they well-qualified to handle all of our business matters, Attorney Robert McNamara has personal first-hand knowledge of the trucking business having been previously involved in the ownership and operation of his own trucking company. Our attorneys know and understand the trucking business. Consequently, we get great service at reasonable prices. I strongly recommend McNamara, Demczyk  Co., L.P.A.”
                                                – Ken Boatright, President — Kuntzman Trucking, Inc.

Business Law

Whether you are considering opening a small business or are seeking a review of the corporate structure of your established business, the law firm of McNamara, Demczyk Co., LPA can provide you with a quality plan at an affordable rate. Our experienced attorneys offer the following services:

  • Business formation
  • Establishing Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
  • Drafting articles of incorporation, regulations, operating agreements, employment agreements, stock purchase agreements, and non-compete agreements
  • Providing guidance concerning your business structure
  • Review of business contracts
  • Business litigation